What is Acarnism?

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The creator of AmazingLife.Bio is an acarnist.

What is acarnism? Acarnism is the response to carnism. A term coined by Dr. Melanie Joy.

Dr. Joy believes that many humans are the victims of an invisible belief system in which eating the flesh of animals has become such a norm that it goes unquestioned. This is akin to religious beliefs in particular societies wherein the default assumption is that you are a part of the dominant belief. The belief itself is never questioned it is unconsciously assumed axiomatic. To go against that norm is usually approached with scorn, derision, hostility, teasing, taunting, and violence.

Acarnism is a term created by Reginald V. Finley Sr to address the lack of the acceptance of the carnist belief system/position. By definition, an acarnist is one that lacks carnist beliefs. That is, one that doesn’t believe in eating the flesh of animals. It is synonymous then with veganism. Why acarnism then? Acarnism is merely a term that may be more palatable to those that wish to use another term to describe their position or lack thereof. Atheism for instance is merely the lack of theistic beliefs, yet, it has become synonymous with antitheism. In some ways, acarnists too may be more antagonistic against carnism but by definition, they simply lack a carnist belief system.


Watch Dr. Melanie Joy explain the belief system of carnism:


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