Fishapod (Tiktaalik roseae)

Image of Tiktaalik by Tyler Keillor

One of the major underpinnings of biology is that all life shares a common ancestor. If the scientific theory of evolution is true, we should be able to make predictions about what forms led to the variety of forms we see today. As an example, we can predict that between fish fossils and early land tetrapods, that there should be a transitional

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Anglerfish (Lophiiformes)


Anglerfish are found deep in the Antarctic and Atlantic oceans. The females are larger, up to 3.3 feet, whereas the males are only a couple of inches long. In some species, the females have a fleshy growth on their head that glows, and they use it to lure fish close enough for them to grab and swallow. They can eat prey

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