Okja: A Movie You Must See

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At first glance as you scroll through your new Netflix titles you may be tempted to assume that Okja is just some cute and silly foreign movie for kids. It is cute, but silly it is not. You will experience an entire gamut of emotions, ranging from feeling warm and fuzzy, to anger, to being totally confused.


What is Okja about?

I’ll try not to spoil too much of it; but, Okja is about a young girl (Mija) that lives in the mountains of South Korea with her grandfather after her parents have died. Her grandfather was given the opportunity to raise an amazing organism (Okja) that would undoubtedly change the course of human history. Mija helps co-raise Okja and the two become inseparable friends. However, their peace isn’t to last. Dark forces are at work that have other plans for Okja and her entire species.

Mija sets out alone to save her friend from those forces and the story takes a number of unimaginable turns leading to its inevitable end, or, so you think.

If you love animals, you will adore this movie. If you are an omnivore, it may cause you to reassess how you view animals. If you are a vegetarian, you just might go vegan. Okja cautiously and beautifully entertains the meat-eating industry, from marketing to packaging.

In this editor’s view, this is one of the most powerful fantasy/fiction movies of the decade featuring a strong, caring, and sensitive young female-lead caring for an animal friend.

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive though some despise what they view as a vegan agenda. I would argue that the same could be said of Charlotte’s Web; yet, it is considered a classic.

Go see Okja!

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