Educational Biology Games and Activities

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Welcome to our quizzes, games, and activities page. Here you will find fun resources and games to challenge your biological knowledge and help you prepare for the Biology End of Course Exams (EOC), Unit Tests and Quizzes. We will be creating and adding new stuff here all of the time so come back often to see what’s new! Most content here was created by Florida Biology Educators.

Fun Quizzes:


Biology Flash Card Quizzes – 6-12

  • Cellular Anatomy
  • Plants  – Coming Soon
  • Cellular Metabolism  – Coming Soon
  • Genetics – Coming Soon
  • Microbiology


Science Basics



  • What is Evolution? – Coming Soon
  • Evidence for Evolution  – Coming Soon



  • Diseases (Bacterial)  – Coming Soon
  • Diseases (Viral)  – Coming Soon


Jeopardy Games: Lesson Reviews & Test Prep


Kahoot Games: Lesson Reviews & Test Prep



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