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AmazingLife.Bio now offers LIVE and Pre-recorded virtual tutoring services. Live tutoring offered solely through Chegg Tutors @ and pre-recorded material is available via

TUTOR: Reginald Finley Sr.

Image of Mr. Finley providing a lecture on the Properties of Water (Hydrogen Bonding). I'm your Personal Biology Tutor.

Mr. Finley providing a lecture on the Properties of Water (Hydrogen Bonding).



I have been a science communicator for 15 years. I have a Bachelors in Human Development, a Masters in Science Communication and a Masters in Biology (2016).

I am a professional instructor in Biology and Biology Honors. I am currently certified to teach grades 6 through 12 in the state of Florida.

Sadly, students sometimes may get teachers that they can’t understand, teachers that go too fast, or teachers that just don’t know their subject very well. I have a true passion for Biology and education. Your student will find me animated, fun, easy to understand, engaging, and responsive.

Thanks to modern technology, I don’t have to come to your home. You can feel confident, safe and secure at your own home.



I will use Chegg online services, which features video and audio, whiteboards, file uploads and more… to help your young student excel in their challenging Biology class. If LIVE sessions do not work with your schedule, I can also customize pre-recorded material (15 minutes) to target particular aspects of biology for your child to stream privately via youtube later. Each video will be targeted specifically and only for your young student(s). See an example here:


For Pre-recorded sessions, it will $5 per 15 minute session. You may purchase longer sessions if satisfied via Fiverr.

Please contact me before purchasing to ensure that I can meet your very special needs.

Again, for LIVE sessions, those are offered via Chegg. You can engage with me and other available tutors as needed here:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



I’m looking forward to working with you!



Reginald V. Finley Sr


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