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Meet the minds behind AmazingLife.Bio!


Reginald Finley Sr – Editor-in-Chief / Biology Educator


Picture of Reginald Finley Sr, Formal Jacket, No Tie

Reginald Finley Sr Ⓥ

Reginald Finley Sr is currently Science Chair and Advanced Sciences Educator for a local school in Orlando, Florida.

He is an Army Veteran and former federal law enforcement officer. Reggie was a talk show host for 12 years in which he took a critical and engaging look at the world around him (The Infidel Guy Show). He has founded many websites and organizations, all of which are related to critical thinking and/or the promotion of science and scientific methodology.

He holds a M.Sc. in Biology, a M.Ed. in Public Science Education, a B.S. in Human Development, and an Associate in Liberal Arts. He is currently earning a PhD in Health Sciences.



Mike Tomlinson – Biology Educator

Michael, AmazingLife.Bio Co-Owner and Content Delivery Spec.

Michael Tomlinson


Mike served in the United States Marine Corps in Military Intelligence. He became an Adjunct Professor in Engineering Graphics at Red Rocks Community College,  He studies Biology and experimental Archaeology as a hobby. Mike’s an advocate for critical thinking, secular values, and equal rights. Mike seeks the promotion and understanding of the scientific theory of evolution, and the scientific method.



Charles Darwin – Naturalist

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin served on the HMS Beagle and is credited with being one of the founding proponents of Biological Evolution via Natural Selection. His basic idea, that organisms change overtime and that selection pressures drive these changes, has been proven true til’ this day. Without Mr. Darwin, this site wouldn’t exist. Darwin, is our Home Boy.

“… the difference in mind between man and the higher animals, great as it is, certainly is one of degree and not of kind.” – Charles Darwin

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