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Sea Sheep

The Sea Sheep (Costasiella kuroshimae)

The Sea sheep (Costasiella kuroshimae) is a sea slug that uses some of the algae it eats to help power itself via photosynthesis. In other words, it’s a sea slug that can use the power of the sun to help make its food.   We featured one of the Sea sheep‘s cousins a while back, Elysia Chlorotica. What they have in

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Jaguar Cubs - Woodland Park Zoo

The Jaguar (Panthera onca)

The Jaguar (Panthera onca)   Jaguars are at the top of the food chain in South America. They frequently dining on another apex predator, the

Sea Life


The Tongue-Eating Louse (Cymothoa exigua)

Cymothoa exigua is nightmarishly known as, “the tongue-eating louse”. Many a fisherman have discovered a very unwelcome hitchhiker in the mouth of their snapper catch. (Visited 581 times, 1